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In the past we have provided Dirtskool at no charge to schools, thanks to the generosity of Biketec and support from Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa through Nuku Ora Sport Wellington. However, our funding model is not currently sustainable and while we are investigating other funding models, for now we find ourselves with no alternative but to start asking schools to contribute. The programme costs $400 per session to operate and we have decided to ask schools to cover half of this, so will be introducing a charge of $200+GST per session (we will invoice this at the end of each term). We will also start charging for late cancellations and no shows. We really didn't want to have to charge schools and understand that this may be challenging for some schools to afford. If this per session cost will be prohibitive for your school please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss options.

You can return here at any time to adjust your own schedule.

Each class can attend a maximum of one session per week

Cancellation within two working days of the session and no shows will be charged.

Please ensure all students have completed the two minute pre-course

survey at before their first session.

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